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We all get that pain in our neck when using our phones and tablets for a long time. We have created a pair of glasses that will prevent that pain, so you can use your phone whenever and wherever you want.

Our love for smartphones is a pain in the neck

We spend a lot of time on smartphones and tablets for work and entertainment.  Although they can be very helpful tools, they possess a growing threat to our physical health, especially our posture. 


EyeForcer is a patented smart eyewear that prompts the user to maintain his or her head upright while using a mobile device thus taking the strain off his or her neck and preventing diseases such as tech-neck and gameboy disease.


When combined with the EyeForcer App, it will prompt the user on their device to maintain the correct cervical posture.  If the user does not hold his or her head in the proper position, they can be notified with 3 different methods:


  • Blinking LED light from the right side of the eyewear frame

  • Warning on the screen of the device being used

  • Combination of the above

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