EyeForcer is smart prescription friendly, unisex frames that aim to prevent Text Neck and other posture related diseases associated with the misuse of mobile devices. 

Connect your EyeForcer frames to the EyeForcer App and protect your spine, back, and neck from Text Neck and poor posture.


EyeForcer uses innovative patented sensor technology to measure the angle at which users look at their handheld electronic devices. EyeForcer's anti-blue light lenses neutralize the damaging blue light produced by device screens. Lenses can also be replaced with prescription lenses


How It Works

EyeForcer frames are equipped with sensors that measure the angle at which you are looking at your mobile devices.


When your posture is compromised, you will be warned through a small customizable LED light installed on the frames. The LED light will be turned off once you correct your posture. 


You will also be notified through your mobile device when you are exceeding the safe angle. The notification fades away once you resume to a safe angle. 


The EyeForcer App allows you to use either one of these options, or both simultaneously. 

Health Benefits

EyeForcer is a proven method of preventing many posture related conditions caused by the extensive use of smartphones and tablets. 


The main conditions EyeForcer prevents consist of: 


EyeForcer is also capable of and very effective preventing symptoms caused by the use of mobile devices such as:


  • Neck, back, and shoulder pain

  • Blurred vision

  • Eyestrain

  • Headaches


EyeForcer is always there to remind and encourage you to correct your posture and minimize the downsides of using your smartphone or tablet. 

Style & Colors

EyeForcer frames are one of the few technologically enhanced frames in the world that actually look stylish, allowing you to live a healthier life and look your best doing it. 

The frames are equipped with anti-blue light lenses to help protect your eyes from the harmful effects caused by the prolonged viewing of screens. You can also take your EyeForcer frames to your optometrist to replace these with prescription lenses. 

EyeForcer comes in 2 different colors. Black and Tortoise Brown.



EyeForcer App

When setting up your EyeForcer frames, you will first need to download the EyeForcer App. You can download the App for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play by clicking on either one of the store logos on the right or by searching for it on your phone.

Information Display

Once you put on the frames and connect them to your device, the EyeForcer App will provide you with three pieces of important information. 


  1. Determine if the frames are successfully connected to the App.

  2. The angle at which you are looking at your device.

  3. How much battery is left in your EyeForcer frames.

Customizable Settings

The EyeForcer App allows you to adjust 4 different settings to your preference


  1. Choose the degree at which you will receive warning notifications on your device that remind you to correct your posture. If you exceed that angle, you will get a notification/text message. Ideally, you should keep that number between 20-24 degrees.

  2. Turn on/off warning notifications on your electronic device.

  3. Turn on/off the LED light on the side of the frames when exceeding your preferred angle.

  4. Choose the color of the flashing LED light. We recommend using red, yellow, or green if you are concerned about blue light exposure. 

Calibrate Glasses

Sometimes you may need to stabilize your glasses by using the "Calibrate Glass" button on the App. This will help your frames be as accurate as possible. Simply connect your device to the frames, place the frames on a flat and stable surface, and click the "Calibrate Glass" button.


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