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What is an EyeForcer?

EyeForcer is a patented smart glass that helps to prevent “Text Neck” & “Computer Vision Syndrome”. EyeForcer lenses have anti-blue light coating which protects your eyes against blue light emitted by screens. EyeForcer gives you warning by blinking LED light on EyeForcer glass or Text message on your devise when your posture is poor. Once your correct your posture, the blinking light will disappear.

How many types of warnings EyeForcer can give?

There are 2 types of warnings. One is by blinking LED light on the EyeForcer glass. The other is by Text message on the devise being used, for example your mobile phone or tablet.

How can I change the type of warning I am getting?

On the APP press on the setting icon on the upper right corner. From there, you can choose how you want to get the warning. By LED light, by Text, both or neither.

Can the warnings by blinking LED light become annoying at times?

Yes & No. It all depends on the user. The goal is to warn the user of poor posture. So the user tries to correct their posture in order to avoid annoying warnings by LED light or Text. If the user tries to avoid getting annoying warnings by keeping their posture correct than we have achieved our goal.

What is the angle of warning?

It is similar to Gaze angle. It is the angle of head in relation to upper spine (cervical spine). Angle of warning over 24 degrees is abnormal and can cause harm to your health. If you look straight forward, the angle of your upper spine is 0 degrees. As you look down, the angle of your upper spine will increase.

What is a normal or healthy angle?

Less than 24. The less the better

How can I change the angle of warning?

On the APP press on the setting icon on the upper right corner. Once the new page opens, you can scroll to right or left in order to change the “Warning Angle”. The default angle is set at 24 degrees. It means, you will get warning if you look down more than 24 degrees.

How do I connect my EyeForcer glasses to the APP?

Make sure the big circle on the APP is green and showing “ON”. Turn the switch on the EyeForcer glass to “ON”. Once you turn it to “ON”, the blue tooth has 8 seconds to look for the APP. The 8 second is to prevent the batteries from running out too quickly. The connection will often take 5 seconds. So you have to wait 5 seconds and you will start seeing the numbers of changing on the APP. It will also say “Connected”.

Why can’t I see the blinking LED light?

Please follow these steps: Make sure the battery is charged. On the APP setting page, make sure the “Warning by LED light on Eyeglass” is set to green. If the battery has run out, you will need to connect the EyeForcer to your app in order for the LED to get activated. For this make sure the APP is showing the big green “ON”. Turn the switch on the EyeForcer glass from “OFF” to “ON”. Even if it is on “ON”, turn it “OFF” and “ON” again. Once it goes to “ON” position, it will have 8 seconds to look for the EyeForcer glass. If all the above fails, please contact the customer support line at 1-778-280-8004. We will do our best to answer your phone right away.

Why some of the LED colors on EyeForcer resembles blue light?

All the Multi Color LED lights in the market have some colors that has some degree of blue light. For this reason, we recommend to use the Red, Green or Yellow lights are warnings. The other LED colors are not recommended.

Is EyeForcer water resistant?

No EyeForcer is not water resistant.

When & How do I calibrate EyeForcer?

On a flat surface the angle on the APP should be around 1 degree. If the angle is more than 2 degrees on a flat surface than follow the following instructions: 1. Place the EyeForcer on a flat surface. 2. Make sure EyeForcer is connected to the APP 3. On the setting page of the APP, press the “Calibrate Glass” button. It should take a few seconds and the glass will be calibrated. It basically sets the angle to around 1 degree on a flat surface.

How long the battery lasts?

It takes about 1 hour for full charge. If the EyeForcer is placed in an abnormal angle and the LED starts blinking, it will take about 30 hours till the battery runs out. Normally the LED will not be blinking all the time. It blinks only when it reaches the angle of warning.

Can I use prescription lens with EyeForcer?

Yes, EyeForcer is compatible with prescription or other lenses. An optometrist should be able to replace the lenses with prescription lenses.

My EyeForcer does not work?

Make sure the battery is not out. Turn off the APP, Turn off the EyeForcer switch. Turn On the APP first. Then turn the switch to “ON” on EyeForcer glass. The On bottom is away from the lens. Wait 5 second, the EyeForcer glass should pair with the APP. If not, please call the customer support line at +1 (778) 280-8028 or email us at

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