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Medical Wearable Solutions Ltd. is developing wearable devices to help prevent the development of chronic pain and medical issues associated with poor posture. Based and Incorporated in the Province of British Columbia, Canada we endeavour to offer our service worldwide. Medical Wearable Solutions was established in 2015 by co-founders, Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab and Ryan Sahiholnasab. 


MWS develops wearable technology that prevents specific diseases and syndromes. Unlike our competitors we are creating medical wearables, we take a holistic approach to health. All of our products focus on preventing medical conditions instead of taking the more traditional route of treating them after they have been established.

EyeForcer is Medical Wearable Solution's flagship product, which is a smart eyewear developed to help remind the user to maintain a correct cervical posture to avoid injury and stress which can eventually cause soreness, pain, and other medical problems.


Our Mission: Improve society’s health by positively affecting human behavior with our products.

inspired by Millions who love their  devices

We are dedicated to helping the millions of mobile device users to keep using the technology they love but avoid the pain of poor posture.


Everyone should be able to enjoy their mobile devices without sacrificing their physical health, especially their posture.

Smartphones and Tablets have become an essential part of our lives and this has motivated us to create EyeForcer.


EyeForcer is currently compatible with IOS and Android devices.

We are committed to making EyeForcer available on all electronic devices including PCs in order to make personal experiences as well as workplaces healthier.


EyeForcer is a patented smart eyewear that prompts the user to maintain his or her head upright while using a mobile device thus taking the strain off his or her neck and preventing diseases such as tech-neck and gameboy disease.


When combined with the EyeForcer App, it will prompt the user on their device to maintain the correct cervical posture.  If the wearer does not hold his or her head in the proper position, they can be notified with 3 different methods:


  • Blinking LED light from the right side of the eyewear frame

  • Warning on the screen of the device being used

  • Combination of the above

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