Quick Start Guide


  1. Download the “EyeForcer” App from the App Store or Play Store.  

  2. Make sure your EyeForcer Eyewear is charged.  It takes 1 hour for full charge. If the battery is dead, you can still use your device after 5 minutes of charging. 

  3. Open the EyeForcer App and follow the setup instructions. You must allow your device to be connected to the frames via Bluetooth.

  4. On the App, make sure the green circle button is marked “ON”.  If you see a red circle with “OFF” press it to change the status to a green “ON”. 

  5. Turn on your EyeForcer Eyewear (see the diagram to the right) and place

       it on a flat surface. Wait for 5 seconds and it should pair with your

       mobile device or tablet by showing numbers next to the angle figure.  

       On a flat surface the angle should be around 1.0 degree.   

   6. Enjoy Exploring EyeForcer. 

To learn more visit www.MedicalWearableSolutions.com

For questions or problems with your EyeForcer APP or EyeForcer Eyewear please try the following options: 

  1. Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) form included with your product. 

  2. Call our customer support line at 1-778-280-8028 - Mon-Sun 8 AM-10 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

  3. E-mail us at info@MedicalwearableSolutions.com and we will try to respond to your questions or comments within 1 day.

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